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Pop Up Tax Shop is staffed by fully qualified accountants and tax specialists. They may not have suits or corner offices but they know their stuff. We believe you should be able to do your tax in places that suit you, thats why we pop up in shopping centres and other helpful places. You can do your tax online with us if you like, but we think these things are easier face to face. You have the chance to ask questions and pick our brains about tax stuff. We are here to help. To make double sure that you get the best tax refund, we check everything at Head Office. This way we make sure it has the best chance of quick processing with the ATO (Australian Tax Office). With 2015 tax season approaching we look forward to seeing you soon at one of our sites across Australia! Tax Returns from $99* Maximum Refund Guarantee * No Upfront Fee * Maximum Deductions Fully Qualified Staff Ask any questions you need to Income Protection Insurance Open 7 days Walk In Service No appointment required Drop Off Service leave us with your paperwork and return in 3 days to complete the last bit of your return ( the service is quick anyway, but this makes it even quicker)
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